Strawberry Picking 2015

True:  We have strawberries growing in our garden.

False: We regularly bring in ripe redness and sweetness from the strawberries in our own yard.

True: We have faces and hands stained red everyday. 

Not that you really wondered where our homegrown strawberries went...   It's better to snack on them while they are still warm from the sun anyway.

I don't really mind that we eat all of our strawberries as they ripen.  That gives us a chance to go strawberry picking. Find last year's here.

I actually didn't tell them we were going.  They both had their very first swimming lesson without a parent.  We had some very hard moments that day and days/weeks prior.  Someone really hates to do anything without mama.  But goodness, the bleachers are 4 feet from the pool. Apparently not close enough for him (she is miss independent).  He pulled himself together.  He went in the water without me. I was the only parent walking the perimeter of the pool and sitting on the sidelines to start. But he did it.  And by the end of the session, he was comfortable enough for me to sit on the bleachers. What a relief!

As a reward, I pulled into the farm. They immediately recognized it and squealed "STRAWBERRY PICKING!"  Which is funny, because I am the only one who picked. They just ate strawberries. I even caught them taking the strawberries I picked OUT of the containers to snack on them. I guess they thought it was personal chef service? Or delivery?  I put an end to that...pick your own! 

I guess I'm rambling now.  Anyway, here's the 2015 strawberry picking experience.





  1. Such sweetness...and the berries look pretty good too! ;0D

  2. I remember the stress of swimming lessons x 3, but they figured it out :)



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