Too hot.

I'm without doubt not a fan of heat.  I don't think I could function living any further south. It's so much harder for me to get the drive to get things done. And so, it's well after dark when the temperature cools when I finally get moving. Two loaves of pumpkin bread tonight and a frittata both out of the oven.  The pumpkin bread made with our own pumpkin, own eggs, own pears. The frittata our own milk, own eggs, own veggies, own herbs. And then I just snapped 10 pounds of beans.  It's nearly midnight when I sit down to blog and I have to get up at 5:30am tomorrow to milk.  Sometimes I wonder what my husband frequently wonders: "What ARE you doing?" And "WHY?"

But, my family eats homemade/homegrown. I'm sitting on our screen porch listening to the crickets as I blog. My boots will get 'washed' on the way to the barn tomorrow morning as I step through the dew.  The first conversations I have will be first with our beloved dog, Kammie and then with Ophelia, our milk cow.  The kiddos will join me in the barn as they awake.  I'll eat my breakfast, already feeling like I accomplished something for the day.

It's certainly a lot of work, even more so this time of year. But the work tends to lead to little snippets of joy that I may not have experience had I purchased our goods at the grocery store. And I get to smile when my kids say "Mmm, this is so good!" 

And the good part of the heat?  We get to stop and relax for homemade popsicles midday.  That's something special that we don't do year round.


  1. what a beautiful live you've created! relish in the awe of this wonderful childhood your kids get!

  2. A friend of mine writes a blog for Bangor Daily News. You'd appreciate this article, as did I! :)

  3. Good for you, as I'm a night owl too. It's so quiet. As I sit here listening to my insane neighbors dogs who just will not stop barking... :( I do like the dry heat here in Boise, not a fan of humidity at all! Keep us updated on your new cow and son!



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