Farm on.

Thank you so much for your kind words in welcoming our mama and calf. I understand that you might like to hear a little be more about them. 


The tractor, baler and wagon are all hitched up. Right now, the green wagon is full of hay.

 So you unhitch the full wagon.
 Unhitch the empty wagon from the farm truck.
 Then switch the wagons.
 There. Now the empty one is ready to be filled up and the full one is headed back to the barn.
Got it?  Good.

Because now it's time to do it in real life.

 (Can you see who is next to the driver in the cab?)

 And jump.
That job may be done, but there's another in urgent need of attention. A job with many steps and close attention to detail. Onto the next task...

It's not us who is in charge of the haying, but the bigger farm operation seems to parallel our little farm life. So much to do in not enough time. The changes as of late are sort of like having a newborn with no maternity leave from work.  A hired hand would be useful.
Such is the summer season and the season of new beginnings.  There will be a time when things settle a bit. We'll get used to our new rhythm and be able to really think about and hopefully write about the lifestyle we keep embracing deeper. 

I can assure you now though, although the decisions we made have challenged us, the rewards, satisfaction and appreciation run deeper.  The plan? To farm on.

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