Gardening 2015: Update 6

Gardening 2015: Take One
Take two.
Take three.
Take four.
Take five.

And now for update #6. 

This was what the garden looked like on June 20th.

And here is what it looked like on July 16th. 
 I dare say that it's the best it's ever been! Certainly cucumber beetles, squash bugs, Japanese beetles, potato bugs, etc. are working on ruining it, but it's mostly growing!

 I only plant sugar pumpkins so we can eat them. There are SO many!
Battling blight, the tomatoes look like a jungle.
 It does look like we will get some even if blight takes the crop.

The pea house is a full hideaway now. My kids get in it from the other side and I hear them pretending it's their house.
 Potatoes mounded up.
 Walking onions. They are a perennial. they get heavy at the tip, bend over and replant themselves.  So neat! A friend gave some last year.

Sure, there's weeds that need to be cleared an a to do list every time you turn around. I'm at 67 pounds of food that have been harvested from here. Well, that plus all that Audra eats (which she grazes all day long from the garden).  A good start!



 I've been busy getting things prepped for winter months with stuff frozen, dehydrated or canned.

 Most of all, filling a bowl with goodies and making a meal from it is my fave way to enjoy gardening.


  1. Oh wow what a transformation! I love just having one ingredient in a meal that came from the garden, I can only imagine how fun it is to have a whole meal that you grew yourself!

  2. Look at all those beans for supper! So jealous! Enjoy every bite, my friend.



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