Fresh Air

An extra bed ready.
 A promise to share these tractors.
 Signs painted by the littles, message they wanted it to say written.
 Patiently waiting for the bus.

 Sprinting to the car.
 Home sweet home.  Year 2 of our dear Fresh Air kiddo. (  Our real life 'city mouse/country mouse' story. We're so happy to have our little city guy back. We're so thankful his mom shared him with us again.

Practically the first thing he said was "I can't wait to run in the wide open field." 

You know, that's just what he did straight away.

On the ride home, I asked him what he remembered most about coming.  We did all sorts of things last time around-beach, tide pools, canoeing, water park, fire pit, picnics, picking berries, gator ride, horse drawn wagon ride, etc.
You know what he loved most? Besides the wide open fields, he said he loved the chickens, the two goats, making bread and making desserts from vegetables. That last one stumped me and he said "Mom, carrot cake!"  Why yes, we did pull some carrots from our neighbor's farm and made carrot cake. And we made zucchini cake. And yes he calls me "Mom".  I get to be his summer mom.
I was feeling a little pressure, trying to think of what else we can do to one-up from last year.  Hearing what he remembered most and loved the best reminds me that he likes just being home with us.  Which is just fine, as it's where we all like to be best too.
I told him we were so lucky to have him again. He seemed surprised/taken aback. "You? No. I'm the lucky one."  We could argue the point or we can agree to disagree.  Or just decide that we're both lucky. I think that could be the truth.
We're so glad to have him back. Knowing we've already done many of his favorite things in the first hour he arrived...well, we can just relax and do them all over again each day he's here. That will make us all happy. Quite happy, indeed.




  1. How much do I love this!!!!! You are changing that boy's life! God bless y'all and enjoy every drop of summer!

  2. There's the hope of the world right there :)



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