New Dress and Summer Days

This dress is definitely big for her, on purpose. I made it big to last. Two front pockets will be sure to be filled with treasures.  The fabric was a vintage one, fifty cents score at the thrift store.

 And here she is!  Little Miss in her dress.  Thenafter, there's more pics of her in her dress and pics of how they spend their days staying home.  There's lots of fun things to do in this world, but nothing beats staying home.




  1. She makes me want to find a big white cotton dress (only wear dresses when I have to) and go outside and twirl around. Unfortunately, I don't currently live in the country and my neighbors might think I've totally gone crazy if I have a little too much fun dancing in a cotton dress outside. Seeing their pictures makes me want to be a kid and play again. Maybe I need to borrow my grandson for a few hours and head to our farm. I NEED to move back out to the country soon. Living in town can suffocate me.

  2. What a sweet dress. I so admire you being able to make your kids' clothes. How does one get started with that? Do you use patterns or are you so seasoned that it's not necessary? Great job, my friend.



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