Tails! (With Description to DIY)

My little guy has been into checking to see who does and doesn't have a tail.  Furthermore, he's been going through his knowledge inventory of who does and doesn't have a tail, for an audience and to himself when going to bed at night.   "Mama no no tail. Dada no no tail. BOG no no tail. Dog tail yes. Cat tail yes. Pap no no tail. Matt no no tail..." 

Well, I thought I'd fix this "No no tail" business, with a medley of his very own tails.
I found these for inspiration on pinterest...which incidentally were exactly what I had imagined.  They can be looped around a belt or I used the little clips we used to keep those winter mittens in place.  Directions to how I made them at the bottom.

The initial trial of the tail was quite exciting.  He couldn't wait to compare his tail to our dog's.
We also had to try it out immediately...in our jammies...by going outside. 
You know zebras run fast?
I really think the tails are the cutest thing.  Only thing is now he only wants us to wear them.  So, daddy and mama are wandering around the house with tails...  I just hope we remember to take them off before we go someplace.

How I made them (please let me know if any of this is confusing).
1) Wrap yarn around your hand until you have enough for a bushy tail.  You'll have a circular loop. Cut loop in half so there's only a pile of strips.  Wrap a 1x4 inch strip of scrap fabric around the middle of the yarn strips.  Stitch in place. 
2) Cut 12x6 inch rectangle of wild animal fabric. Fold in half long ways, right sides together. Sew long edge,1/2 inch seam.  Fold the bushy tail in half, placing the stitched part just outside the seam, the bushy part adjacent to the right sides of the animal print.  Stitch that end, 1/2 inch seam.
3) Stuff with polyfil.
4) Prepare tab.  Cut 4x4 tab.  Press top 1/4 inch down.  Press sides 1/2 inch in.  Fold in half long ways, press.  Stitch open edge.
5) Fold top edges of open end of tail in by 1/2 inch.  Place unfinished end of tab in the middle.  Top stitch in place.
6) Fold down tab and hand stitch to tack the bottom of the loop to the tail.


  1. Thank you!! What a neat idea! Making these for my 4, 3, and 18mth old today! :)

  2. Great! I hope they're a hit at your house too!



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