Blue Jean Roads for Cars

Do you have a pair of college jeans or pre baby jeans that are hanging out in your closet collecting dust?  Surely you'll fit into them again someday?  Right?  Sigh.

Well in my spring cleaning mode, I decided to part with my dream jeans. They'd actually be useful if I cut them into strips, sewed a yellow dotted line and then used them for roads.  Brilliant, so I thought.  But the thought of taking the scissors to them made me procrastinate.  At goodwilll a couple of weeks ago, I picked up a different pair.  Since I had no emotional attachment to this denim, I cut it right up.  My too small jeans have been saved!  For what, I'm not sure.

I made these to go with some Wonderworld wooden cars.  I cut strips double the width of the cars, plus one inch.  I used a serger to finish the edges.  I hand marked and sewed 1 inch dashes with yellow embroidery floss.  I love that they're movable and you can combine them to make intersections. And they're reversible.  And they roll up for easy storage.  While my little guy is too young for them now, I picture him excited when he'll get the cars and the roads in the future.

Cost:  Would have been free if I parted with my too small jeans.  Instead it was $1.99.

Note:  I'm running another drawing!  Share my blog with someone, let me know, and you'll be put into a drawing to win something homemade by me.


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