Spring Chick Hat

Yesterday we got a Nor' easter.  April 1st, 10 inches.  That's how it goes living in Maine. So, I whipped something up to get us excited for spring!

A spring chick hat!  It's made from my husband's tee shirt sleeve.  I just cut the sleeve off at the shoulder seam. I sewed some felt eyes and a  folded triangle felt nose to the side of the sleeve with the seam. I then used a needle and thread to make large 1/2 inch stitches an inch away from the top.  I pulled the threads to gather the top and tied them.  It took me about 15 minutes to design and make it. 

The fit is perfect!  The hat stays on very well.  The sleeve is shaped perfectly for the head-with more room in the back than front.  It didn't shift to cover his eyes as easily as some hats do. 

Baby approved...for now. I'm sure he's going to hate me for this later on.

Cost:  Free!

1 comment:

  1. Does Justin have anymore t-shirts left?! This is adorable! Nice design, and so cute!



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