Quilt #1

I've been quilting since I was 15.  My first ever quilt was for my best friend's mom.  She had saved scraps for years (most from clothes she had made for herself), hoping to make a quilt.  I asked her if I could take her scraps and make one for her.  I had wanted to learn how to quilt anyway.  She said okay.  And the rest is history.  I have made 121 quilts to date.  All are crib size to king size and are original.  No two are duplicates.  This doesn't count the smaller projects I have done with my own scraps.  I keep a photo book of each quilt I have ever made and I aim to share one quilt a week with you.  Hop on aboard my quilting journey...and maybe make one yourself!

1996 Quilt #1 Lap Size



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