Easter Basket

I decided to make an Easter Basket for my little one.  One that we can pull out and use each year.  And here it is.  Wish I could show you the whole thing at once, but here's each angle:

I made it using an amazon.com box. I get tons of stuff from amazon and am trying to think of ways I can use the boxes instead of throwing them away. I  first appliqued the train on felt with scraps.  Then I used clothes pins to hold the felt to the cardboard in the shape of a cylinder.  I then hand sewed the felt to a piece of cardboard from the amazon box with embroider floss. I then hot glued two pieces of cut out cardboard in the shape of a circle.  I finished it off by hot gluing felt to cover the bottom piece.  I added a strap from a broken bag that I salvaged.

My little one was very interested in it.
Not sure who will be more excited for it to be filled for Easter, my baby or husband?  My husband is insisting we start the tradition of chocolate bunnies and cadbury eggs this year.  For who?  I think that answer is obvious.

Cost:  I spent $1 on the felt.


  1. I love it. I love things that can be used year after year. Even if you have to make a different one when he outgrows trains, he will always remember the train basket.

  2. I agree! And it's a great way to use up my scraps, too!



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