Oragami Mobile

I had a wooden quilt hoop that I just couldn't throw away.  It's lived at a few addresses and served it's purpose, but was no longer needed, as I upgraded.  When I was brainstorming how I wanted to make a mobile for my new baby, that quilt hoop came to mind.  And it worked perfect!
1) Cut the inner hoop in half. 

2)  Drill a small hole in all four corners.

3) Drill a hole in the center to insert a screw eye and nut.

4) Cut four longish equal sized pieces of fishing line and tie them to the four corners.

5) Attach whatever you wish to the fishing line.  I did origami boats and crabs.  I found the pattern for boats in a book I had.  I couldn't find an easy crab pattern in the books I had or online,  so I created my own.  I did the basic crane pattern.  For the crane's would be wings, I tucked them inside.  For the crane's would be tail and head, I folded to resemble claws.  And then with little eyes, it's a crab.  I used a needle and thread to loop the pieces on and then secured them with a knot. 
6) Loop some string through the screw eye and hang from the ceiling.

Cost:  $ 0.15  for the screw eye I had to buy.

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  1. Don't know whether you know this but mobiles similar to yours are selling on Etsy for $133.95. Searched every where for the way to make them and my idea of how to do it (adding a couple of tweaks I got from the photos on Etsy) match yours. I hope other people find your post to make these. Thanks.



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