Zig-Zag Ball Drop

So I wanted one of these.  Many of you know my obsession with not buying new plastic toys that just end up in the landfill, never decomposing.  Anyway, a wooden one cost $50.00.  Fifty bucks for a toy?!  I'm way too cheap for that.
So off I go to make my own.  And I must say, I'm pretty proud of this!

First of all, I must say that I am not a woodworker.  I am just a brave experimenter.  I made it with scraps from the woodworking shop my neighbor works in.  I just found 3 pieces that were similar in size and screwed them together for the rows.  Then I clamped the rows to one side, trying it out to make sure it worked before I screwed it in on one side and then the other side.  I cut and sanded 2 1/2 inch pieces to use as stoppers at the end of the rows that needed it.  I added the bottom to make a secure base (it was tipsy without the base). The hardest part was figuring where everything needed to be placed for it to work before screwing it down.  Anyway, that's sort of a vague description.  If you'd like to make one yourself, let me know and I can take dimensions. 

Well, I gave it to my little one for Easter.   He watched me do it at first, trying to figure it out.

Then he lit up while he watched it and then turned back to me to squeal in delight everytime it came down!  I was laughing right along with him, it was so fun! Plus it made for a gazillion photo ops.

 He was trying so hard to do it himself.  He'd get the ball in the right place, but couldn't figure out how to release the ball.  But then he'd look back at me and remember to be excited.  More photo ops.  Sorry, went a little crazy.

The neat part of this toy is it will be something that will grow with him.  Right now, he can use the big wooden balls we have.  As he gets older, he can use the small wooden balls we have or the cute wooden Plantoys cars pictured. 
 Cost:  I needed screws, so $2.00.  Much better than $50.00.


  1. Very nice! And when he is a little older he can paint it if he wants lol

  2. Thanks for posting this. I almost talked myself into actually spending $50 because they look so fun but you have inspired me. I can't wait for my little guys 1st bday to try it out!!



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