Patio Set and Fire Pit

This weather has me thinking summer!  I wanted to a couple of my creations for outdoors. 

First there was the patio set.  I wanted one for out back.  Couldn't decide what commercial project I was interested in purchasing.  Then one day, I was looking at this old table we were thinking of donating.  The top was scratched up laminate and the bottom was pea green rod iron.  Rod iron. Hmm. Got me thinking.  We junked the top. I spray painted the bottom black.  I found a marvelous piece of marble just hanging at a an antique shop.  It went perfectly!!!  I then bought the metal chairs at Target during the end of year clearance.  It looks like a set.  And I big puffy heart it!

Onto the fireplace.  These were stabilization blocks from an above ground pool.  Shaped in a circle, it's an instant firepit. 

Why share these ideas?  Because if you look around your house, your yard or neighbor's yards, you may just find something that would be perfectly re-purposed for your yard.  Hey, it worked for me.

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