Refinishing a dresser

Have a wooden dresser with good bones, but looks worn?  Try refinishing it as an easy do it yourself project.  Before:


All it took was a little sandpaper and a palm sander.  First coarse, then fine.  Sanded the whole thing in 2 evenings.  Took the third evening to seal with polyurethane. Add some new knobs and it looks new.  I've also used citrus paint stripper on other projects.  This worked well for a dresser that had many nooks and crannies that a palm sander didn't get to very well. 

Cost:  about $20 for sandpaper and knobs.


  1. OMG.. Nathan has the same exact dresser.. I'll have to post a photo.. same scratches .. been hoping to refinish it this summer.. what did you use for sealer/stain? Looks great..

  2. You totally should give it a try! The results are so worth it. All I did was either use polyurethane or minwax antique oil finish to coat it. Not sure which one, I switch back and forth between the two. I like keeping the natural wood look. I think it only took me three evenings to do. Not a hard project at all.



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