Laundry Tricks Part II

Yesterday's post, I reviewed how to make your own laundry soap.  Not only am I no longer buying laundry soap, but I am also no longer buying fabric softener or dryer sheets.
 In lieu of fabric softener, I fill up a downy ball with vinegar.  Vinegar makes the clothes soft.  Contrary to my initial fear, once the clothes are clean, they don't smell like vinegar.  Plus vinegar is natural, not a synthetic toxin.  Better for us and the environment.
In lieu of fabric softeners for the dryer, I use wool dryer balls.  My friend Jess made these for me out of an old sweater.  You can buy them from her at Reuse Zone.  The balls bounce around in the dryer, making sure the clothes don't get too wrinkled.  In the process, they have decreased drying time by 10 minutes.  I love that they're reusable, so there's no waste and it's very cost efficient.  A drop of lavender oil on the balls makes our clothes smell yummy!

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