It happened much, much sooner than I expected.  A cancellation led to the 6pm announcement that the excavation for our new garage would be in 12 hours. Which meant the shed needed to be cleaned out and flowers needed to be moved immediately. I am a planner.  I didn't plan this. I wasn't ready.  Not yet.  But the trucks came.  The digging commenced.  The mantra I chanted to myself for the day was "It's okay.  It will be okay.  Don't worry."  However, my constant chiming of self calming thoughts did little to ease my escalating nerves.

In contrast, as each truck arrived, my little one became more intrigued, interested and excited.  He embraced this change with pleasure.  What a valuable lesson my little one is teaching me.  Instead of worrying about the end product, enjoy the adventure. 

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