Wicker Sunroom Set Salvaged

I was in grad school.  It was 6:15 am.  I was out on my daily 3 mile run.  On mile #2, I spotted this wicker set.  The sign read "free".  Those four little marvelous letters make my heart go pitter pat.  I stopped.  Inspected.  And found the price tag.  $249 for the set, Pier One Imports.  Sure it was a little dirty, but there was an attraction.  I had to have it. I hid the free sign and ran home as fast as my legs would carry me.  I got my car and had 2/3 pieces moved into my apartment by 7am.  And my brother was on his way with his bigger vehicle to help me get the one piece that didn't fit in my car.  Of course many of people would think I was crazy, but my brother is fully used to my impulsive ideas and instead of questioning me, he promptly veered into the kitchen for dessert for breakfast.

Not the best of all pictures, but this picture makes me happy because all three of our cats and our dog are all together.  The one next to me is our dear 17 year old cat, Dusty, who we said goodbye to last year.  We miss him dearly.
I cleaned up the piece and it had great bones!  I purchased foam cushions and cut them to fit the seats.  I covered them with plaid fabric.  I then covered pillows from around my apt (and one from a thrift shop) to match. I even made a homemade ruffle for 3 of the pillows by basting and pulling threads.  I then made a placemat to match with the scraps. 

And would you believe I have this whole set for around $30?  Score.

Oh, and I also found the rod iron lamp on the side of the road.  Just a light bulb and a lamp shade and it's perfect.  Not bad for free.  As my dad says, "free" is his favorite four letter word that begins with /f/.  I'd have to agree.

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