A couple smiles...and some randomness.

Remember that carrier I made (post here...along with instructions to make your own), well my little guy baby wears on and off.  Seriously, I love love love this.  How can you not?

 He asked me to switch to 'back carry' so he could play.  He's totally a mini me...
 What's he playing in, you wonder? A sensory bin, yes.  In comes the randomness.  The sensory bins I have are upcycled.  If you're at a party and they have a store bought deli meat platter, veggie platter, store bought cake, etc....ask to take the container home.  They're perfect for sensory bins.  The top goes on to keep everything stored tight. They're shallow enough to play.  Recyclable when you've had enough.  Free.  I love that word.  
Keep collecting, get a  bunch.  You can stack them in storage filled with different sensory experiences. This one has confetti.  I also have done rice, shredded paper, pom poms, packing peanuts, oats, flour, dirt, sand, leaves, rocks, dried corn and dried beans.  Plus keep an empty one for snow, shaving cream or water play. Add some toy trucks, play figurines, a spoon, measuring cups, etc...and you have hours of fun.  Plop the box outside or lay it on a big table cloth or sheet to contain the overflow.

 A happy kid=a happy mama.  Provided the mess is contained, that is. 



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