Feel Good Friday...

Just a few pics that make me feel all smiley and happy inside.  This is what's making me happy today:

Those baby curls and the last pics before they're gone.  First haircut at 2 1/2.

 Random "messes".
 Quiet time.
 Fast trouble.
 Salamander Day at Laudholm Farm.
 Hats I get for a dollar.  And baby girls in dresses.

 Free fun.

  Baby wearing.
Watching together time with the boys. 

 Always having her close.
 How my heart melts when I watch this man I married being the awesome dad he is.
 Having the brooder in the house and watching the little ones enjoy being little farmers.
 Homemade toys.

 How the first thing he gets when he wakes up is a double hug from his two mini-mes.
 How this strong dude can take out the worst of the criminals, but his baby girl turns him into mush.
 New John Deere duds, from the BOG.

For him and for her.
 And that I get to spend this weekend with these little ones.  There's no greater love.

 Wishing you and yours a weekend full of special memories.


  1. So sweet...your photos bring back so many wonderful memories of my days when my kids were just babies too. You have inspired me to go and dig out some photos today of when they were small and I think I will do a memory post in the next day or two. My son used to do the same thing...read while potty training. I have the same photo of him reading but he used to love National Geographic magazines because every paragraph started with a capital letter and that's how he learned his alphabet. He was reading by the age of 2. And oh that first haircut and all the curls...they go from baby to little boys just with one haircut. Guess I'll go get busy and get that photo box down from the shelf and start scanning some baby pictures. Have a wonderful weekend with your beautiful family and thank you for sharing those adorable smiling faces, bright eyes and rosy cheeks...so cute.

  2. Those curls! Too cute! I just love all the photos of your family. You can tell how much you love them and how happy they make you :)



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