She's 9 months!

And here we are, at your 9 month milestone, celebrating these marvelous 9 months with you.

Your personality is emerging, for sure!  You used to be quiet and would just go with the flow.  "Quiet" is no longer an appropriate term.  We much prefer your (constant) chatter.  And how you find yourself so comical.

We have several awards to give you.  First is you're the Head of the Welcome Wagon.  We get waved at, well, constantly.  You hear the word "hi" and your arm starts a flopping.  If one gets tired from all the waving, that's okay, you can switch to your other hand.  Waving is most entertaining at meals, you take turns waving at each of us.  When all of us have been waved at, you start all over again. If that's not enough, you blow kisses and give high fives.

You're a Foodie.  Bottles, eh...who needs them, you'd say.  You appreciate the finer things.  Like homemade bread, which you devour.  Home canned apples and pears.  Avocados. All of which you fervently sign "more" for (again and again).  You devour such with 3 1/2 chompers.

You're our Chief Disorganizer.  This drives your brother crazy.

You're a Competitive Racer.  You will get there first.  Crawling, bear walking, pushing the radio flyer fire engine. The amazing thing about you, you're a sprint and endurance athlete all in one.  You spend most of your time sprinting to our bunny, "Hop". You're happy to explore on your own...must keep an eye on you constantly.

You're a Discoverer.  Of everything you're NOT supposed to eat. And you pick up the tiniest piece with such precision. 

You're our Animal Technician.  You help with lots of important parts of animal keeping, such as tasting the hay to make sure it's safe for the rabbit.  Just petting the bunny sends you into fits of giggles. 

You're a Beautician. You make sure your mama's hair is pulled and tugged and yanked in each direction when being worn.  You love love love to be held and worn. (Smiles from mama here.)

Oh, sweet girl, I could go on and on. You love the tub.  Hate doors that are closed.  You'd prefer to potty on the potty.  You'd rather not sleep lately. You love your brother.  You hate when he takes a toy from you.  You smile is contagious.  Your hugs make me the happiest.  You are loved more than I can express in text, sweet girl.  We're celebrating 9 great months, for sure!

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  1. Aww, happy 9 months! She's a girl after my own heart with the homemade bread and avocados haha!



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