Mama Made: Bunny Family

(Drum roll please...I've been working on these FOREVER!)
The bunny family!

 That's right.   A mama, dada, Adrian and Audra bunny.  Four bunnies in all.  All mama made from a vintage pattern I bought for fifty cents at a thrift store.

They're HUGE.  Much larger than I anticipated.
 With the ears, three foot tall is the largest!
 Here's Mama bunny.
 And Adrian Bunny.
 And Dada Bunny.
 And Audra Bunny. 

Phew!  That was a big project.  It was well received.

 And hopefully they'll be enjoyed years to come.


  1. Awww, they're so cute! Those will be keepers!

  2. Oh my gosh, they turned out so great! I love how big they are. You did such a wonderful job!



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