Easter 2013 Musings...

Good morning, little ones.  Lots in store for you downstairs.

Scoop her up, off we go.
 Continuing our plastic free/homemade/thrifted holiday tradition...
 He's stoked.

She's off.
 So excited!

Egg hunts.

The after mess.
Breakfast and the paper.
When asked by others if we were doing anything special for Easter dinner, I said "No, just our ordinary".  But then....why aren't we doing something special?  I just took our regular home cooked meal and dug out the antique china.  I really ought to do this more often.

 Thankful for these family filled days of fun.


  1. LOVE! You are so amazing...no plastic toys is a wonderful idea. More young moms should be thinking in this direction (imo).

    There is so much I like about this post, but mainly the feelings of magic in old china, excitement that the Easter bunny came and that your pet bunny is standing on his haunches to greet everyone Easter morning. :-)

  2. I looove his face when he's looking into the bag! He definitely looks excited :)

    Such cute photos. I'm glad you pulled out the china for dinner! Great idea to make an everyday meal more special.



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