More Amish Dolls...

Remember her?

Well, I made her a friend.

They're about a foot tall, which means lots of intricate stitchwork.
 Pair them with the Amish boy and girl doll I still have from my childhood, and there's a set.
 He so wants them to be his. 
 But, I'm starting something new.  I am actually going to wait to give her this gift in July, when she turns one.  I'm afraid I won't be doing too much crafting in July, so I'm preparing.

"Please mama", he says.  This boy knows how to tug at my heart strings.  Maybe I should make a couple more so there's enough to go around? 

1 comment:

  1. Awww, how can you say no to that! Haha. I'd be putty in his hands. The dolls turned out so cute :)



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