John D-E-E-R-E

There were many, many happenings at this old farmhouse yesterday.  Yes, this family of four and all of our critters keep the place bumping.  But, we also had a surprise of some out of state relatives of those who lived her prior, doing some genealogy, how neat is that?! We also had a large pizza making gathering with dear friends, paired with Frisbee throwing, water balloons, nature walks and train sightings.  37 people (that's thirty!) have marched on our lawn and through our house yesterday, yes.

But that which makes smile the widest are these pictures here.  Farmer Rick came to work our land.  He has a John Deere. Adrian loves, loves, loves him.  He got to climb on his John Deere a year ago and he still talks about it.  Just this last Thursday, this was the conversation with a random man in the grocery store:

Random man:  "Nice hat."
Adrian:  "It's a John Deere. I have a John Deere at home.  Farmer Rick drives a big John Deere tractor. I love John Deere... "

Random man didn't know the can of worms he was opening when complimenting a John Deere.

Anyway, want to know how fast a two and a HALF year old can wake from a nap, sprint through the house searching for his John Deere apparel and his farm boots?  Let me tell you, fast.  It's important, you see. And we will hear about this Farmer Rick/John Deere sighting for the next year, at least. 

Farmer Rick is such a celebrity.  Adrian wrote him a letter tonight that reads:

"To Farmer Rick,
I love your John Deere, Farmer Rick.
I love your fertilizer.
I love you, Farmer Rick.
Love, Adrian"

Anyway, these photos make me smile. 

Of course, Farmer Rick needed to see one of Adrian's John Deere.  Do you think we have a future farmer living here?!

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  1. He looks so happy and excited! I think you do have a future farmer on your hands for sure!



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