For Sale

I have been love love loving mass producing these little gems.  I know I'm biased, but I love them.  But, my family does not need 23 of them (that's how many I made so far).  So, I decided I'd sell some.

 These little pouches are perfect for tiny toys, a few crayons and a notebook, some snacks or a little purse.  Or it can be a little gift bag.  They're hand embroidered, but finished professionally on the inside with a serger.  The handles are upcycled from tee shirts.  All designed by me.  First write up about them is here:   Basically, they're a cute, unique little edition. :)  Here's a picture of them open and shut:

Cost is $10 a piece or a current special for the month of May is 3 for $20.  Add a $1.00 per bag for shipping.  Contact me at if you'd like one or a few and we can arrange.  I can easily put them in my etsy shop if you'd prefer to buy that way, which I really ought to take time to post them there anyway.

This is what I have now (some of these I have multiples of):

On my to do list is to have patterns and a tutorial to make your own on my blog. So, check back if you're interested (and give me a little nudge to check that off my to do list if I'm making you wait too long).  Thank you, kindly, for stopping by.  I hope you'll stop by again soon. :)


  1. You have been making a lot of these! They are all soooo cute!

  2. Tammy (Our Neck of the Woods) is saying good things about you, so I came over to say hello. :) Your bags are nice!

  3. Hi Jackie, The bags are so cute, I love the hand embroidery designs you gave them! Stopping by from Our neck of the woods.



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