Seedlings 2013


Sometimes I'm successful with them, sometimes not. Some years, I give it a go.  Some years, I just skip it and buy packs. 

I've been wanting to build a system that included a grow light for sometime, but it just hasn't gotten done yet.

I went back and forth on whether to start some seedlings this year.  I mean, we have to start a garden from scratch, there's much to do here, turning this land that hasn't been turned for a number of years.  Take on the finicky seed starting?

But then, I thought what a great opportunity for my little ones.

They loved sorting the seeds.
And shaking them. 

 Oh my, my stash is most ambitious.
 But then again, they get some growing music.  Seeds that get sung to must grow well, right?
 I had a helper with the dirt.

 But she thinks dirt is a good snack, so I tried to distract her.
But you see how long that lasted.
Ahh, to have my babies close AND for them to think the ideas I have are fun.  I cannot complain. 

 Important projects calls for serious equipment.
 We were happy to place them by a sunny window.  We didn't have so many sunny windows in our other house.
 Soon we'll move them to the sun porch, when it's not so cold there at night.

Until then, I look back at our living room...animals, wooden toys, seeds growing, stacks of books read earlier in the day.  It's lived in.  But, it's evidence that our house really is a home. 

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  1. How exciting! We've been starting some seeds for the past couple years. I really like watching them grow inside. Sometimes it doesn't work out and we end up buying seedlings, but we still try!



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