Hand stitched & Upcycled Snack Sacks

  My new line.  Can I call it that?  It makes me feel important.  

This idea has been brewing in my head for the last year.  All thought out and waiting for me to execute.    I did a give-a-way recently and was going to give away some of the labeled bags I make
The winner was a childhood pal.  I was going to whip some up in fabrics for each of her kids.When I asked her what her kids' faves were, she told me tractors, horses and cows...but she wasn't fussy and would take anything.  Her kids' faves exactly matched the ideas I had stewing in my my head for some time.

This is what she ended up with. (And if you didn't enter my last give a way on facebook, you're silly.  I keep chances of winning really low so your odds are good.)

My fave part is the double drawstring is upcycled...from old T cotton shirts. The fabric is new, but you could upcycle that from a woven clothing article or sheets.
Open/shut. Pattern by me (which I did take pics for a tutorial that I haven't had a chance to type up/edit.  Will do if there's interest).

 And the hand stitching...designed by me.

 And the insides are serged to last.

Someone thought they were for him.

Anyway, they were well received and appreciated.

 But I got out of control and made a few more.
They're just so fun to whip up! And I did a pig and chicken ones too.We don't need this many bags, so I'm may display them for sale at our local farm store.  First, I'll offer them up to you.  $10 a piece. $12 shipped. I'll even (gasp) take custom orders for the month of April.  I haven't done any custom work in a long time.

Anyway, let me know if you're interested. 

He doesn't want me to sell any, as he thinks they all should be for him. What a kid.

Order them up now, start stocking up for holiday gifts.  Or better yet, tell me to get cracking on the pattern/tutorial, steal my idea and whip some up on your own! :) 


  1. Love them, Jackie! I would love to see how you upcycled the drawstrings out of t-shirts. I have saved a TON of old t-shirts to make more beading kits and weave a few rugs and such, but these just may have to be added to the ever growing "To Do" list as well!

  2. These are too cute! My favorites are the chicken (of course) and the cow. So cool that they are made from upcycled shirts!

  3. how ironic! I have to "whip" one up this morning for a wedding shower gift for a friend who requested "no paper". :-)



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