Continuing traditions...

Wood stacking.  I've done a lot of it in my time.  I grew up in a farmhouse...and we heated with wood.  We moved to a log cabin in the woods...and we heated and cooked/baked with wood. My husband and I moved to our first house and installed a fireplace insert.  We moved to our second house (and forever home!) and installed a fireplace insert.  I know I'm a broken record here, but I love love love the smell, the warmth, the ambiance of wood fires. 

As a kid, I loathed stacking wood.  Sweaty, dirty, pinched fingers, sore body, ugh.  (Stop reading here if you're my dad...)  Truth be told, I didn't really hate it as much as I said.  I just liked complaining about it. I used to think I was roped into doing work...I now realize that I probably wasn't too helpful.  Stacking wood was about together time, less about the job getting done. It was probably the longest time I ever had my dad captive as I chattered on endlessly. (And no, that's not an exaggeration...I always followed him, talking at him.) My brother and I busied ourselves, finding the smaller pieces and the perfect place to stack them. Working together to get a job done, with a promise of some baked trip to reward our efforts when we were done. It was actually...kind 

Now that we need wood, it's that type of togetherness that's coming to this farmhouse. Adrian is very serious about his job. And I hope you enjoy the pictures nearly as much as we enjoy this time together.

 (Oh, and PS...I never told you about this fab woodshed attached to the house.  There's a peek-a-boo closet that opens from the shed to the kitchen for stacking wood.  I should have taken pics to show you.  On the to do list... is the secret door to the hidden room.  We found a whole box of newspapers up there that are over 100 years old!)

 And...enjoying the end result.


  1. We love wood.. too.. and have to embrace the wood stacking as part of the deal.. living with a wood fire is worth every bit of sweat put into stacking it..

  2. Oh I do love these photos! What a neat woodshed. So great that you've got the kids started on stacking wood at a young age. I still can't get over how cute Adrian is with the chicks! And I love that photo of Audra sitting on the stone pathway looking up at the camera and clapping her hands :)



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