Birthday Crowns

My kids' birthdays are the beginning of July and the beginning of September. Exactly when the garden is always in it's peak.  I made him one crown before (here).  I wanted to make one for her last year to go with her wand (here).  Well, I just ran out of time, energy, motivation last year. 

Well, this year, I am ahead of schedule. Each child has a birthday crown that although they tried on, they will not wear until their birthday. 

Here's her's. (July 4th baby!)
Here's his.

And my less willing model, my brown eyed boy (although he loves his crown, he's not interested in the camera).
And my more willing model, my blue eyed girl.

Feels good to be ahead of schedule for a change! I won't be caught without a birthday crown this year!



  1. A July 4th baby...I love it! A celebration every year with America. :-)

    The birthday crown is a great idea. You are on the ball having them ready already. Impressive!

  2. excellent idea - what fun memories you are creating

  3. These are so cute. I made birthday crowns for my girls a couple years ago. It has an elastic at the back so it can "grow" with them. I add a new embellishment every year though.

    Gorgeous photos.

    Wishing you a lovely week.



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