Thrifted. Updates. Pics.

1) Thrifteds.

 A fabulous book about bugs. American girl craft book, patterns. A whole bunch of those things that you flip them over and they moo.  A wooden bear puzzle she picked out and a cow sheet (for you know who). $10.00
 A book. Fabulous flip top bottles-even a gallon one! (Which I am currently obsessed with...I have found 7 so far thrifting and they are so fab for storing food in. It's not plastic, you don't lose the top and I love the looks).  Anyway, a Columbia lunch bag, a set of metal bookends and a red basket. $9.  The big jar had a department store pricetag for more than that amount.

2) Updates.
-Goodness, I have been work, work and working.  Just as I finished stacking the 4 cords of wood, 6 more came. Yikes!
-I have been working on the garden for about an hour or two a day. It's likely 2/3 planted?  More go and a lot done.
-We've had some really sad days relating to this homesteading adventure lately, but I am determined to keep plugging away.
-If I could wear my kids out and they fall asleep at 6:30 everynight, oh my I'd get things accomplished. After finishing her May dress (pics to come), dishes, a couple loads of laundry, hand sawing two small trees down, spending a bunch of time removing the overgrown forsythia, preparing some snail mail for loved ones, it was only 9:30. It's amazing how fast things get done without helpers!  And then I was petered out. 
-I tend to plan for planting season and fill the freezer every March and early April. Thankful for that foresight, we've definitely been going through meals.
-I keep thinking about cinnamon rolls. I really ought to make them soon.

3) Pics
Have been obsessed with straw hats lately.

 Her doll in this pic is the same doll (Celeste) I carried around for years upon years when I was a child.
 And my no longer a napper totally engrossed in his afternoon quiet time activity.


  1. Great finds! We love Seymour books! Glass bottles are always so useful for so many things!
    Glad to see your sweet boy has some quiet time to ponder things...

  2. Naps are great, get them out of your hair :) Or you could take a nap!



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