Gardening 2014: Take one.

Although I am a bit behind compared to where I wanted to be in this gardening plight 2014, progress is being made. I have had my seedlings started and they're coming along well.  I've been itching to get out there and dig, but have been waiting for a little assistance in the rototilling area. 

The weeks that I've been waiting though, I've been busy. The part that stinks about being me is waiting. I am so not good at waiting. And so I get this grand idea that I'm going to make herb beds with fieldstone. Which I cannot get to the fieldstone that lines our property without busting trails.  Then I think this is a great project for me to do by myself with the littles.  Let me tell you, I wore myself out moving those huge fieldstones. It looks like no big deal in the picture, but looks are very deceiving.  Most normal people would say it was good enough doing one after being so tuckered out. But no, I do two. I am quite happy with them. 

I have oregano, chives, rosemary, thyme, mint and lemon mint in thus far. I have basil, cilantro and dill seedlings.  Parsley will be planted too. Love having my own herbs.
I am thrilled that my hired hand (who works for cookies) helped me rototill. 

I'm lucky enough to get a ladybug and a dog to help me.

 Last year I was asked by a few people the dimensions of my garden. I actually measured this year.

This is the garden area-bordered by raspberry bushes, rhubarb, apple trees and blueberry bushes.

 To the left is the 4x6  herb garden I just showed you and the strawberries.
The main garden is 46x46feet.

 This is the side garden is 28x28 inches.

 I haven't planted much ouside. Just some peas, greens, carrots, swiss chard and parsnips thus far. But I'm itching to plant more. Cauliflower, Broccoli, Kale and Cabbage seedlings are the next to plant. 

Sometimes I worry I'm not doing enough, how great the results will be, if I'm missing a step or a page from the Farmer's Almanac.  Really, I shouldn't worry.  There's plenty of time to plant. The lilacs haven't even bloomed. It's not so pressing that I can't enjoy precious sites of my tiny gardeners. The process really quite fun in and of itself, especially when you have two littles in costumes.


 As I did last year, I'll try to update you on progress. I can't wait to create some delicious meals with freshly home grown produce. Summer meals are the best.

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  1. I'll be envying your fresh produce as I buy my bagged lettuce at the grocery. ;0P
    Enjoy your garden time!



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