Cows, cows and more cows. And horses.

This past weekend, on the same day, there was a Celebrate Cow festival, Sheep Shearing Party and an Equine festival-each in 3 different towns. Seriously, how is a farmer to decide?

We ended up with the cows. He was pumped.

 BOG was with us, a treat for us. (Although given he's a large animal veterinarian, it likely felt like another day of work for him, but whatever).
 Somebody was mighty excited.
 Not only do they have Holsteins (his 2nd favorite), but they had Jerseys too (his first favorite).

And they had this scavenger hunt where you had to go and find the answers to cow trivia at various parts of the farm. This little guy can sputter off the fast facts about these cows. Holsteins give the most milk because of their big udders and Jerseys have milk that's good for butter making and cheese. Cows have four stomachs. They eat corn silage and hay silage. Heifer means they haven't given milk yet. Dry means their milk is all dried up and gone. This kid is up on his cow trivia, let me tell you.
 Sweet girl is getting a little less intimidated by cows the more she sees them. Kind and gentle creatures, yes ,but they look giant to her.

This kid? He's a home in the barn. Always.
 And the calves. Sweet girl likes the calves. They are more her size.

He wanted to take this one home.

And this? You see this pile of manure? Well, after seeing it, he found a farmer and told the farmer that he had a manure spreader at home and next time he came, he was going to bring that manure spreader and help them spread all that manure. He's helpful this one, I tell you. Here he is telling me all that he's planning on doing to help.
 And then they had this little pretend to milk cow.

Which she thought was fabulous.
 She probably spent a good 20 minutes milking.

We all sat and relaxed while she got busy. Which was a nice break, as the majority of the time, wherever she goes, she's like this picture below. In full sprint. Notice how neither foot is touching the ground.

 And the other thing they love? Boot cleaner things with brushes. I don't know what it's called. But Adrian has put it on his Christmas list. Whenever we see them, the kids spend a good 10 minutes making sure their shoes are mighty clean.
He finished his scavenger hunt and got a nice little prize pack.

 And we scooted over to watch the horses next.
 Which she says "Mama, I want ride horse. Please mama?"

And he says he's just going to have draft horses, doesn't she want draft horses with him?  She's not swayed. She wants to ride a horse.

Someday you will ride, sweet girl. And someday maybe you shall have your draft horses and your Holsteins and your Jerseys, big brother. Dream big.




  1. So amazing! Great picture of Audra off the ground. That was especially perfect. I laughed out loud!

  2. What a fabulous day! Oh yeah, you can't dream big enough. It'll happen. ;0)



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