Hello Under There!

So, those pipes...those pipes that connect running water to the kitchen?  Did I tell you they froze 19 times last winter? That's right. 19 times, being the first one to rise, I had to get the hairdryer to unthaw them.

There always was a door boarded up, so we were unsure what there was to find. 

I'll tell you what we found (Well, the BOG. He's the one who did the work). Pretty much zero insulation. Drafty holes. Masking tape to cover such holes.

And the verdict? Locked. No key.  No way to open from the inside.

My neighbors borrowed huge boxes of skeleton keys. I need to spend some time trying to see if any work.  I will, I've just been stacking wood and planting gardens.
 But my littles? They'll try!

 So many neat keys.
 Hoping we find a match so we don't have to knock the door down to get it open.
I do love the look of the original door not boarded up. (Last week's marvelous rainbow too.)
 But alas, I'd rather have consistent running water and settle for a smaller exterior door instead.
One step at a time, this house is getting better and better. Many thanks to the BOG.


  1. Wow, what a picture that makes with the rainbow over your homestead. Just beautiful. And magical.

  2. So what building are you trying to get into? A shop or? A little confused.....



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