Thrifted Guitar.

Best $7.00 I have spent in a long time.  Here's our new child sized guitar:
 And our aspiring musician.
He's not planning to go pro. He just wants to sing to his animals.

 He's been practicing what I call his 'theme song' quite a bit. 
 What I call his theme song goes a little like this...(And yes the caps are on purpose, as he HOLLERS this song again and again.) "COWS ARE SPECIAL. COWS ARE SPECIAL. COWS ARE SPECIAL"....
He told me he has to practice because he's going to be getting cows soon and cows like music.  Good golly, we are NOT getting cows anytime soon. Not yet. They're way too big for a three year and one year old child who have no reservations or fear. We're mighty used to letting them roam around and hang with the farm animals on their own with minimal supervision. No cow yet.  But, he's convinced.

He also asked to borrow our Bible so he can sing praise and worship.  That's mighty cute too. He turns the page everytime he starts a new song.

 All I can say, life has been mighty entertaining since this instrument made it's way to our homestead. If you're in the neighborhood, you may be surprised with a free concert if you stop by.

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