This isn't what I intended on posting today. But, this is all I can muster right now.

Thankful for this dynamic duo and the warm heart they leave me when I need it the most.

Just as last year (click here for photos), I didn't plan to take a pic of them in the field, it just happened. Not planned, not dressed to coordinate, during the worst possible light and goodness, not clean at all. Dirty and happy, that's just the perfect way to be during Spring.

And so I bring you that which makes me the happiest. And do check to see how they have grown over the last year.


 We all could use a special someone (or two) to cheer us up at times.  And we can all be that special person who brightens someone else's day. Who's day will I brighten today?  They certainly brightened mine yesterday, I think I ought to pay it forward.


  1. Definitely a day brightener for sure.

    What little cuties you have there!

    Wishing you a peaceful day.

  2. Hoping you are feeling better soon. Whatever it is, you'll get through it.



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