Thrifted. Joyful moments. Signs of spring.

1) If I haven't done a thrift store post in a bit, I hear from you!  Who would have guessed anyone else would enjoy pictures of my 'junk' as my dad calls it.

Huge floor puzzle. Book collection of Maine authors. Beatrix Potter. A thick coffee table book reviewing dog breeds.  A couple yards of wool.  Two pairs of black sock for the husband's work uniform requirement (which is what I was looking for) and fun fabric. $10

More wool fabric. Another wooden crate.  A flashy bag with lots of bling that I'm not too much of a fan of, but I know my fourth of July baby will love, a Froggy hardcover and a lot of 27 early reader books that teach site words. $10

2) Joyful moments.
Sweet girl still wants to be worn sometimes. Particularly when she's tired.

The giggles that come with the silly idea of becoming a bucket head?
 Well, they are priceless.

 The wonder and beauty experienced watching these craftsmen. 

 And lots of signs of spring.  How many of these blooms can you identify?

How many did you identify? Do tell!


  1. Those wooden bowls are amazing! What a fun thing to watch!
    The sight word books you picked up will be fabulous for your emerging readers.
    I only recognize phlox and bleeding heart, but appreciate all of them!

  2. Rhubarb, lilly family, bleeding hearts...



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