Heavy hearts.

I sat down to blog about something else. But I just don't have any words right now.  My mind is elsewhere.

There's so much joy in having animals some days. The snuggles, the laughs, the hugs, the companionship. But, there's a lot of heartache on others. It was one of those days of heartache yesterday, one that I just felt defeated.  Such days are when I question what we're doing.  I am supposed to be the adult in charge, but I sometimes feel so helpless and clueless. I wonder if I really am cut out for this lifestyle. Sometimes there's a lot of work with little or no gain or a big loss.  Sometimes things happen beyond my control. I'm not only thinking of recent events on our farm, but also our dear friends who are saying goodbye to such a faithful and loving companion today. I come to you today with such a heavy heart. Life really would be much simpler if it wasn't filled with feathered and furry critters. 

But then I look at pictures such as these:

Pictures of not just any kid having fun, 
 but pictures of MY kids having fun.

Yes, they experience heartache too, but they also have such remarkable strength to just bounce back.
 They spend much more time enjoying what they have  and they spend much less time focusing on what they lost.

There are moments of heartache, yes, but the moments to treasure far outweigh the sad times.
 Then I feel mighty silly questioning whether this lifestyle is for us. Of course it is. We have big hearts capable of loving and we also have the strength to let go. What's more is we are willing to give a little love to critters again and again, knowing that our hearts will become saddened again. With the amount of love in this family, we simply must share it.

 Sending virtual hugs to our dear friends saying goodbye to such a special furry friend. May the happy memories triumph the tears.


  1. I wish to give you comfort, assurance, peace . . and, i hope special people are there to give you hugs.


  2. So sorry for your loss, this scripture comforts me I hope you to can find comfort in it. Job 5:11: "The lowly he sets on high, and those who mourn are lifted to safety" (NIV). Lots of Love from a fellow homesteader.

  3. I'm sorry your heart is heavy. Hoping you can continue to focus on the joy you gave each other and the quality, not the quantity of this life.



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