The 'back in the day' playpen suits us fine.

You know, back in the day, playpens were made of chicken wire. 

Thankful for my dad for helping get this door unstuck. (Yes, another door that was stuck. We *still* have more doors that are stuck, believe it or not!)

Now we have a suitable chicken run, hopefully saving my chives from mass destruction (they seem to be a fave).

And now when I need to get the mail, make lunch or grab the laundry, I pop my kids in their playpen. They don't even know I'm gone.

 They're old enough they don't really need to be contained. But, my!  It's fun to be cooped with the hens.

And I love watching my favorite littles enjoy their girls.


 I think we'll always be chicken farmers. Nothing wrong with that.

1 comment:

  1. They just look like they hate to be in there with the chickens, just look at those poor babies trying to escape....... These pictures are so cute.....



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