Antique Tractor Show: 2014.

We went last year. And my little farmer has been waiting to go back.

Alas, we made it back and he's the most serious kid about this event.  Very serious indeed.

 We went in the evening this time. Much better than the hustle bustle of the day. Plus, daddy was scheduled to meet up with us after work.
 Ah, but those barrel rides. That's a bit of a smile.  He's on John Deere, not by coincidence.
 This one? She threw a FIT when the guy wouldn't let her go by herself. "GO AWAY MAMA! I do by MYSELF.".
 She still had fun.
 Even with her mother tagging along.
 Goodness, my kids could spend hours milking these set ups.
 And the tractors, those tractors.

 See this smile?
 It's hard to be serious when you're so happy.  This is the one he'd pick to bring home, he's sure of it.


 Daddy arrived just in time for the tractor pull.

 `Which is mighty exciting, I tell you.

Well, for some. Others might just want to play chase (sigh.).

 This man is a good man for tolerating all of us country bumpkins.

 And the desserts. Homemade desserts. 
 Blueberry pie a la mode.  Strawberry shortcake with fresh whipped cream.  So yum.

 They found another John Deere fan. And they proceeded to play chase, giggle and do ring a round the rosie.  A perfect evening for a child, for sure.

This, without doubt, is one of his favorite events of the summer. Thankful to be able to make his summer dreams come true.


  1. Love seeing those kids so happy. We have an antique tractor club in our area, and we always enjoy attending their events. No doubt he was dreaming of John Deere that night!

  2. what a great series of photos. My the kids look happy!!



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