Country Lovin' Kids 2014 Re-Cap

I'm a bit behind, but I have not forgotten.  We had our Country Lovin' Kids fun last week. What an event!  I had a good friend try to count people. She said it was well above 50 people, but the little people kept moving, so she lost count. Reminds me of trying to count our baby chicks. Impossible

To see last year's event, when we raised money and toys for "Bags of Love" to help foster kids, click here: 2013

Lots different from last year, but lots the same.  Different games, different treats, different décor, different friends (some of the same too!) and a different charity. But that which was the same is the core of this type of get together.  Outside. Simple play. Animals. Fresh air. Wagon rides. Running. Picking flowers. New friends. Strolls through the field. Laughing. Being a kid.  Dessert. (Okay, so maybe that last one is my personal focus).

We were so pleased to have old friends and new friends join us. Friends from afar, friends close by too.  Big kids, little kids. All with smiles, eager to have fun.  And perfect weather with 0% chance of rain. That was a bonus.

Best part?  My Adrian wanted to help get chickens for people who want chickens, but can't buy them. Friends who came helped us raise $175.00!  All that money will help people in 3rd world countries start a livelihood of chickens.

I took a pictures of the before.

 And to those of you who wanted recipes:
Carrot cake here.
Chocolate Zucchini Cake here.
Oatmeal Raisin cookie here.
Cookie Cake here.
 I failed to get pictures of the crew, but you can find pictures of the event in motion and a great recap here:

Here's our farm kids. She picked her outfit.
 Right down to the boots.
 And Adrian?
 John Deere, naturally.
I just love the some of the beautiful creations friends did to decorate our party.

 Thankful for the time we had.
 Thankful for good friends.

Thankful for the kind hearts who donated.
 As the sun set, I said a little prayer, hoping that I'd be able to keep this annual tradition going and keep using our home for the benefit of others.

There's just the four of us, but with friends like you helping, we can do big things. Thanks for coming locals, and for the words of encouragement from those unable/too far away to come.


  1. What a momentous evening! Looks like so much fun!

  2. I absolutely LOVE this idea! We will have to incorporate some of it when we move to our farm. The blessings will come back to you, for sure. Pinned!

  3. You should start a GoFundMe or something similar! Those of us who enjoy following your family would be happy to add to the good you're doing!



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