Vintage Linens

I absolutely did not plan to have any sort of post about this. I was laundering and sunning the vintage napkins and table runners I collected in case my cousin could use them for her wedding. (Thrifted scores, all range from a quarter to a dollar a piece.) Once I got them up there, and all 45 of them *just* fit, it just looked so striking that I couldn't help but grab my camera. They are all white/neutral in color, but are so distinct because of careful embroidery and stitchery.  The way they used to do things-something to admire, that's for sure.  I may have taken too many photos and I am definitely posting too many. Hopefully you'll either forgive me for such a silly post or perhaps embrace in the simple beauty along with me.

 I don't imagine I'll mind pressing these one bit.
 My little helper opened the door for me as I brought them in.  He didn't want me to spill the basket.  How thoughtful.


  1. How could you ever take too many photos of line drying? Such beautiful embroidery, reminds me of the ones I have from my mom. Precious.

  2. Beautiful linens! I love the details and they look so lovely drying on the line!

  3. I find myself drawn to items like this every time I find a store or vendor selling them. You've a nice collection,please tell me you use them!



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