My kids thrifted style.

My kids, seriously, without doubt, 100% have their own style.  Sometimes when that style arises, I start to convince them otherwise.  But then, I stop and think, and I really do want to encourage their quirky likes. Because really, their style is quite fun. 

Case in point?  Their thrifted scores.

A rooster lamp, that's right, for $3.50.  A vintage purse for $2.50.

This was just what he wanted.

And exactly what she wanted.

He always finds the most worn in items when he goes to thrift stores/garage sales with me.  Such as this farm truck for fifty cents.
And this Tonka truck he scored for $2.00.  There was another  perfectly good Tonka truck, but he wanted the one worn in.  She's just starting to have's fun to see what she picks.
I don't mind that they have a love for vintage one bit. Apple might not fall far from the tree.



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