Thrifteds for Sweet Girl's Room.

Let's face it, nothing I buy is new. Look around every room in my house and every article has a story.

I've been searching for a rug for her room, but I just don't fall in love with new things. I spotted this handmade vintage rug, for $15. Not only does it have more character (which I love), but  you can't beat that price. It fits perfectly. (And I just realized she's wearing a dress I made. <3)

 And then I spotted all these vintage art prints. Add that to the John Deere puzzle, a couple yards of tulle and some sort of twine for the wedding girl, $6.00 well spent.
  A sweet and pretty little feminine room for our little goofball is in the works, just looking for the perfect frames for those prints now.


  1. Oh. my. goodness. I can't believe you got that rug for $15!!!!!! I'm coveting your rug right now!!! lol. I've been wanting a larger braided rug, but they are soooo expensive!

  2. Great score on the rug, holy cow!

  3. Love, love, love that rug! Great find!



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