I must warn you, I got mighty excited when I saw this. A wooden play sewing machine! Squeal!  I am not a fan of the fancy flowers, but I was going to ask my dad to make one.  Don't have to now! And play scarves/skills. Perfect for baby wearing, to 'dry off' tractors, for picnic blankets and for 'sewing'...the options are endless.  A zebra, a big pink one with a bird (Audra fell in love) and one that has stripes and Holstein print (guess who picked that out?). And two wooden rulers, perfect for measuring.  Grand total?  $5.00.

 I figured out I've been using cloth napkins exclusively for 10 years now. No wonder some of them are falling apart. 12 new napkins. Two placemats. A three tier wooden tic tac toe game (popped in the attic for when they are older).  $5.00. 

Back to the sewing. They were so eager to 'get to work'.
 I about melted in delight when I saw how he set things up. He KNOWS how to sew!!!  Look at his fingers guiding the fabric along! He's trying to stitch the edges.  Just like mama, huh?!

And she knew she was supposed to bunch it through.

Seriously, I could watch them all day, with the same goofy smile etched into my face.

With their little wooden rulers, they'd stop and measure.

And during all this, they both had the sounds going.....brrrrrrrr.
 A simple wooden toy, a few silks and a whole world of imagination.
 It wasn't just this day either, it's been a frequently used piece of equipment.  I tell you, I'll be most delighted if this isn't 'just a phase' for either of them.  I'll happily sew along with you, little ones.


  1. What a hoot! It's so nice to see kids playing with things that don't require batteries! You always have such great finds!

  2. What a wonderful find! I love the wooden sewing machine and the pictures of them sewing! :)

  3. SCORE! I love that sewing machine! adorable :) :) :)



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