Itch to Stitch: Mama Made Dress #8

Keeping my goal going of a dress a month....

Dress one: Here.
Dress two: Here.
Dress three: Here
Dress four: Here.
Dress five: Here.
Dress six: Here.

Dress seven: Here.

So, this dress.....this adorable little dress. It wasn't my idea, I didn't start it. I sort of feel like I'm cheating this month, as a friend gave it to me. Her daughter out grew it before she finished it.  Even though I didn't start it, I spent a bunch of time finishing it (neckline, finishing the embroidery, buttons, etc.). In fact, it likely took me just as long to finish it than it would have taken if I started from scratch.

Here it is on the model:


I tried to get more of just her and the dress, but they wanted to be together.

Who am I to argue with that?!

He's wearing a mama made shirt, find that here.

And then the two just hung with the dog.  I love taking pictures of them interacting with Kammie.  Kammie is the sweetest, most helpful, loving, gentle and kind dog around. We just love her.

Anyway, dress 8/12 completed for 2014.

I planned on doing a dress photoshoot, they planed on a totally different photo shoot, which is okay with me. Thankful for them.  And onto dress 9...

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  1. They are so precious. I admire your ability to sew for your kids.



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