At play.

Let me introduce Bluebell.
 Bluebell is a Holstein who used to be a good milker, but not anymore.  She dried up.
So, Adrian, being the good farmer he is, called the breeder. The breeder came and Bluebell is going to have a calf, but not for a long time. You have to wait a long time for a calf, you know.
 So, while we're waiting, it's best to make a pasture.
 The fencing has to be good fencing, because farmers do what is best.  Meanwhile, Audra's baby is crying. So she bounces her to make her happy.
Once baby is happy, Audra is sent off to collect white clover.

 White clover is Bluebell's favorite.
 This went on for most of the afternoon, this business of pretending together.  Well, until Audra got a call on her calculator....errr...cell phone.

Then she had to get ready for work.

We live in vacationland. There's so much to do around here.  Sometimes, though, it's best to do nothing.  Sometimes it's the doing nothing that really sparks the something.  Magical moments can be created at home, provided we allow unscheduled time for little ones to just be home.



  1. Nice to meet you Bluebell! You've been fortunate to have found your way to a wonderful farm with one of the best farmer's ever!! :)

  2. So true! Love how well they are taking care of Bluebell and preparing for her calf! Fantastic farmers! :)



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