Our Living Room

This post may seem silly, in a way.  I didn't change much, it's still the same living room. But, I decided I want to record the progression of our living space over the years.

My cousin posted a picture a bit ago, asking if I could identify the carpet in a picture as being in the living room of the farmhouse I grew up in.  You know, I couldn't because I didn't remember what we had back then.  Then I felt sad that I couldn't remember, as I want to remember such specifics.

So, I decided that I want to take more regular pictures of the spaces we live in, since I just re-arranged it, for no other reason but to remember.  Since this blog is the space I record such memories, I suppose you might just have to bear with me today.  Here is the living space as we love it today, my best shot at a 360.

 Well, I guess some is new, as I added curtains and tiebacks recently. I found those tiebacks a thrift store for a whopping $5.00 for the set. I put them too high on purpose, to let more light in.


And a little thrifted rave.  This new light.
 Which obviously isn't new. She wanted $15 at the garage sale. I said $8. She said sold. I still cannot believe I know how to barter.
And I love how the nooks in our home are coming about. Lots of homemade and refinished, pretty much in every corner.

 And a selfie in the living room I created, since I'm not usually the one in pictures.  I think I like this little challenge to myself of documenting the changes in our living space. I think it's pretty neat how spaces grow, change and adapt depending on phases of life.  Perhaps you might join me and take pictures of your living space. You've worked hard to get it to where it is. Might as well snap a few shots to remember it.


  1. I plan to do this in our next home. Seeing the pictures through time helps stir the feelings about what was going on at that time. Your home is lovely. I adore all of the wood. It is a very inviting space. Enjoy!

  2. Your home is so dreamy! I love all the antiques and the moldings are so amazing! This is how I would imagine my dream house to look like. Seriously! I love it all just the way it is!

  3. Oh, so much charm and character! I love your space!

  4. Wow, I love all the wood in your home, just gorgeous. Really has that warm, farm house feel. I will say that you're brave- white couches with 2 kids!

  5. Oh your house reminds me so much of the house I grew up in! I think its great to keep pictures of our living space. Especially with kids. They will enjoy going back and remembering the place they grew up in.

  6. Your home is so inviting! Great idea to document. I have moved back & purchased my family home and I love looking at pictures that show how much the living spaces have or haven't changed.

  7. what a wonderful idea and your living room is beautiful!! I agree with everyone else - so cozy and comforting, just as I would have imagined. :) And the books! I started doing that too and then I got behind. Sigh.....



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