Cat naming

We have an orange cat who has entered our barn and decided to stay. Adrian wants to name it"Heifer", Audra wants "Meow". We're trying to collect different name suggestions and have a family vote. Any ideas for the orange kitty who just may be our forever kitty? I'll try to get pics of the sweet kitty soon. 

Last time around, we had such an easy time naming this cat, Zoom. He's really an awesome cat. Here's our Zoom.


  1. When my parents got a cat, my daughter was 2,5 years old. She prompted that she would name a cat Winnie (for Winnie the pooh was her favorite book at that time). And when we found a orange kitten at the camping-place that summer of course we named him Winnie. He only lived with us for 2,5 years because he decided to take the high way over the crosswalk and got hit by a car... But that was just him, running and hunting and doing his own stupid things like falling of the couch and stuff...
    Now we have a she, black and orange and white, she acts like she is the boss and she is called Marley. After the dog in the movie Marley and me. Because we just watched that movie when my parents found her at an other camping-place.

  2. Doing the reading list this Sunday morning and seeing your cute kiddies and mason jar ideas. Is your new kitty a girl or boy? How about BARN-aby, or BARN-abus or BARN-ey. (You know some one would pick these, so I will be the silly one.) I love cats.

  3. Likewise please keep in mind to select a name which will be suitable when your feline is mature. A big tabby feline with a ridiculous name like Mimi or Kitty appears absurd. orange cat names



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