Maine Maple Memories

Today is Maine Maple Sunday. I love this day!  A day to celebrate agriculture and good food. A marvelous holiday, indeed!

I do feel bad for those farmers who rely on the maple syrup sales. We have not had warm enough weather for the sap to really run. I imagine quantities will be very limited.  I hope people remember these farms weeks from now and return to buy some syrup.

On our own little farm, we do have a bit of sap. My husband and I were up until midnight boiling down some so we can have pancakes for breakfast. I think I might just walk out to the coop to get the freshest eggs. Homemade pancakes with fresh eggs and syrup still warm from being boiled down...yum.

Here's a little collection of memories of years past. 2011, 2013, 2014 (we were sick 2012, bummer)

(His first taste)

Her first taste

One thing for sure....pancakes will be for breakfast, with our very own maple syrup!



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